Visia (Canfield) Cosmetic Skin Care Computerized Analysis


Visia Canfield Cosmetic Skin Care Computerized Imaging

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2011 Canfield VISIA Deluxe 5 with 1 year warranty, includes: license key year warranty with Canfield - Transferable to the new owner, one year of customer service, training and support by Canfield Scientific, One year warranty Computing, Visia Generation 5 Booth, Portable Cart Stand, Visia Software Latest Version, NEW 2012 HP Computer with Intel Core processor, 8 GB DDR2 memory, 640 GB hard drive, Windows 7 Professional Edition, keyboard, mouse, monitor 17 inch flat screen , HP Deskjet Color Inkjet Photo Printer, operators manual and one year warranty

VISIA Complexion Analysis

With increasing demand for anti-aging procedures and lifestyle driven system VISIA Complexion Analysis is a timely addition to any medical practice or spa offering treatments and skin rejuvenation skin care in progress.

Repeatable facial photograph:
To ensure the reproducibility of images between time points with integrated positioning aids and standard lighting.

Automatic Mask:
VISIA software automatically delineates facial areas for analysis.

Easy to use interface:
Attractive, intuitive interface VISIA quickly get your staff up to date.

Point of view of the face:
The whole area of the face, from the chin to the hairline, you can see on the screen VISIA.

Front and side analysis:
VISIA allows you to perform facial analysis on the views of left, right or front. Every aspect of the skin condition of a customer can be clearly measured and displayed.

Quantitative assessment of skin features:
Measuring points (pigmentation), wrinkles, texture, pores, UV spots, blemishes, red areas, porphyrins, and sun damage.

Export images:
Easily transfer images VISIA to
PowerPoint, Word or other programs.

The classification of the skin relative to peer group:
Database more skin types in the world, comparing the patient's skin age with other people of the same chronological age and skin type.

Multispectral images:
Use standard photograph, and UV cross-polarization to record and measure the area and condition of the skin below the surface.

RBX Technology:
Processing features red and brown subsoil provides unparalleled viewing conditions such as rosacea, spider veins, melasma and acne.

3D visualization:
Display the skin surface in three dimensions from every angle, delivered in natural skin tone, relief color or grayscale.

Zoom and pan:
Select any area of the face and zoom in a close examination of the fine details. The overview window of the screen allows easy navigation of images.

Aging simulation:
Simulate the process of aging to show clients greater or less than 5-7 years for stains, wrinkles or both.

Product recommendations:
VISIA Extensive product and treatment library makes it easy to add descriptions and pictures of their recommendations to high-impact printed reports.

Custom Reports:
Providing patients with easy to understand, customized reports, including its recommendations for treatment and skin care.

The software integration with medical imaging mirror:
Harnessing the power of mirror to get even more out of your images VISIA.

Options multiple databases:
Patients arranged as needed, for example by the doctor or beautician or the site.

Network option available:
Images of access and query the network workstations for PC, VISIA systems or other centralized databases.

Product Specifications
Automatic focus  
Automated white balance correction  
Multi-spectral Imaging 1.Standard daylight flourescent lighting 2.Cross Polarized flash 3.Ultraviolet lighting  
Dimensions 20.47"x19.6"x18.35"
Weight 37.5 lbs.
Electrical 100-240V; 50/60 Hz
Estimated Dimensions with Cart 30"(L)x60"(H)x30"(W)